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Welcome to BUG! This guide will help you get started with BUG Y.T. By the end of this guide, your BUG will be powered on, connected to the network and ready to program!

Intended Audience

The intended Audience for this start guide is new users who are setting up BUG Y.T. the first time. This guide assumes you are using a Linux computer for setup, which is highly recommended for BUG setup. If you are trying to set up with another un-supported platform, please see the Windows and Mac setup pages in addition to this guide.

Connecting Modules the Right Way

There are 4 slots for plugging in modules, usually identified as Slots 0, 1, 2, and 3.

The illustration below shows the proper way of connecting modules to BUGbase.

BUG YT Hook-n-Snap.jpg

Safely Removing Modules

To remove BUG modules, reverse the Hook and Snap technique.

Powering Up Your BUG


This is the preferred method of getting your BUG on the network. If you don't like our happy path, you can find other ways to connect on the Networking page.
If you have a LCD module, you can use the Network app to configure basic networking. Click the Network icon in the task launcher.



Note: Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into your BUGbase when trying to use the Ethernet port on the BUGstinger

Launch the Network app and click on the Config tab. Ethernet will be selected by default. Change Auto to Manual and enter the appropriate values



Launch the Network App and select an access point from the list.


Hit the Show button so you can see the passphrase being entered. Tap into the passphrase field and the keyboard will be brought up. The keyboard will cover the passphrase field, scroll down so the field is visible (arrow points at the scroll bar)


Enter in the passphrase and tap Connect


The app will show if you've made the connection successfully.


Find your IP address

To see the Bug's IP address , click on the config tab and change the device selection from Ethernet to Wifi


Next Step

Once you know your IP address, you can connect to BUGdash
If you prefer to jump into developing with your BUG, you can connect to the SDK
If you already have the SDK Installed, perhaps build your first app following the Getting Started Tutorial or the JavaDoc
Or simply SSH into your BUG.

Powering Down Your BUG

Hold the power button down for 2 seconds and let go.
The blue BUG light will flash several times. When all lights are off, your BUG is shut down.

Rebooting Your BUG

To reboot your BUG, hold down the power button until the BUG reboots itself.
You will know your BUG is rebooting when all LEDs flash on and the BUG logo begins breathing.

BUGbase Diagram

Position your BUGbase so that looks like the first image below. The "Front" image is one which has letters A through D pointing at the set of controls on the front of the BUGbase. You will notice the top and bottom of the BUGbase look the same, so you need to make sure the Tripod mount (identified by E) is also facing you and Slots 0 and 1 are face up.

BUG YT callouts.jpg

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