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The BUGduino was designed and built to make the development of custom hardware for your bug as painless as possible! It's an open ended platform upon which you can build whatever you want, using the common Arduino tools and Shields that many people are accustom to. The BUGduino makes it eaisier to innovate, leverage existing modules and code into a new project, by using Arduino Shields from inventors across the world to interact with your own Bug based projects and applications.

Product Specifications

BUGduino in use with the BUG

Microprocessor Atmega328
PCB size 60.2cm x 60.2cm
Indicators POWER,Green LED. LEDs for Txd, Rxd, Rst
Power supply 5V DC
Interface Mini-B USB, 2.54mm pitch pin header
Connectivity USB
Communication Protocol UART, Bit Bang I/O, SPI, I2C

Hardware Documentation

Software Documentation

For details on how to program the BUGduino quickly and easily, see Programming the BUGduino.

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All Bug Drivers can be found in the BugLabs Github repo.

The Bugduino module is kernel module (bmi_bugduino) and includes a terminal (aka TTY or Serial) connection directly to the module, which is accessible via /dev/ttyBMI<X> where <X> is the slot the bugduino is plugged into. The bugduino module also generates a device node at /dev/bmi_bugduino<X> for direct IO control of the bug device.

The key ioctl commands for the bugduino are:

OSGi Services

The initial release of the BUGdunio module does not include OSGi services. Please contact us via the Fourms if you would like us to add that feature.

Web Services

The initial release of the Bugduino does not export or run any Web services. Please leave a message in the Forums if you want a Web Service for bugduino interaction.

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