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The Dragonfly software development kit (SDK) is an Eclipse-based development environment that enables you to develop BUG applications in Java to run on BUG.

BUG Development Tools

The BUG SDK provides a comprehensive environment for coding, running and testing BUG apps. When creating new apps, the SDK helps you select the hardware modules and services to use and it generates the base code you will start from. This provides a framework for interacting with the OSGi services that represent the pluggable BUG hardware modules.

BUG Simulator

The built-in BUG Simulator is an emulator that allows you to quickly test-drive your applications in a controlled environment without BUG hardware. You can deploy your apps to BUG Simulator and debug them within Eclipse.

BUGnet Community

The SDK also provides access to the BUGnet community, where you can browse, download and share BUG apps. BUGnet provides a rich repository of BUG apps and code that you can try out and re-use in your BUG apps. When you have a BUG app to share, you can upload it to BUGnet and share it with the BUG community.

Dragonfly Perspectives

In Eclipse, a perspective is an organized view of the tabs and windows for a specific development task. For BUG programming, there is a Dragonfly perspective that presents the views that often need in BUG development.

Opening the Dragonfly Perspective


To use the Dragonfly SDK, you need to download and install Eclipse, then give Eclipse a simple setting to download and turn on the Dragonfly SDK. Bug Labs has (and will again) provide one click installers for Eclipse & Dragonfly SDK, but for the moment we are using a two step install system.


If you have these prerequisites, skip ahead to 'Installing Dragonfly SDK'

Installing Eclipse

Hopefully, you have Eclipse already installed. If not, visit and look for the latest Eclipse Classic or Eclipse for Java Developers downloads. The latest version is currently 3.6 Helios. Download and install it, using these instructions if needed.

Install the Dragonfly SDK Plugin in Eclipse

These instructions assume you already have Eclipse version 3.6.


If you are using Linux and the Dragonfly perspective is not available after a seemingly successful installation, it is possible that Eclipse is not using the correct version of Java. Determining the version of Java Eclipse is using can be frustrating.

One user fixed this problem by editing the eclipse.ini file in the root directory of his Eclipse installation to force the use of Java 1.6. The information at explains how to do this.

SDK Version

When popping into IRC or filing a defect on, please attach information about the version of Dragonfly (and Eclipse that you're using) Installation Information dialog:


Eclipse Installation Details 004.png

Next Step

Check out the Getting Started Tutorial to write your first program using the Dragonfly SDK

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