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My BUGs View

The Eclipse view called My BUGs is usually found in the Dragonfly perspective. If it is not visible, you can display it by going to: Window > Show View > Other > Dragonfly > BUGnet.

BUGWeatherApp MyBUGs.png

Connection Types

The My BUGs view displays any BUG Connections that are available to the SDK and allows you to interact with them. There are 3 connection types you will see in this window:

Sometimes, My BUGs view has not refreshed to show new connections. To refresh My BUGs, click on the refresh icon Refresh.gif near the top of My BUGs view.

Actions in My BUGs View

Launching BUG Simulator

If BUG Simulator is currently running, you will see it listed in My BUGs view. The BUG Simulator button Bug simulator button.gif also shows whether the BUG Simulator is running. If the button icon is red, this means that the simulator is probably not running. If it is blank, the simulator is already running.

Hint: To stop a running instance of BUG Simulator, go to the Console view in Eclipse and click on the red Terminate button Eclipse terminate button.png.

Interacting with BUG Simulator

As noted above, you can open the BUG Simulator window from My BUGs view. Double click on the BUG Simulator element at the top of the My BUGs view to open the BUG Simulator window. You should see something like this.

BUGsimulator base.png

In the simulator, you will see an image of a BUGbase. There are slots at the top and bottom that are designed to hold external modules that are plugged in. Right now, the simulator does not have anything plugged in. And that's a lot like how your physical BUG hardware starts.

BUG Connection

When BUG Simulator is launched, it will automatically appear in the My BUGs view. The same should happen for a physical BUG when it is connected to your Network. In some cases, it is necessary to create the connection manually. (If you are having trouble please see

Creating a New BUG Connection

1. Click the New BUG Connection button StaticConnection.gif to manually create a BUG Connection. This button is available via the My BUGs view title bar, and by right clicking in the My BUGs view.

New bug connection.png

2. After you enter a Name and Address, the Test Connection and Finish buttons will become active.

New bug connection address.png

3. Click Test Connection to validate the Connection or click Finish to add it to the My BUGs view.

Right Click on BUG Connection Menu

Physical Editor Properties View

When you click on the BUGbase or any Module name tag in the Physical Editor, it will be highlighted blue and the Properties view will populate with specific information for the component.

BUGsimulator base properties.png

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