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To send an application created in the Dragonfly SDK to BUG:

  1. Turn your BUG on and connect it to your network. If you are having trouble, please see http://buglabs.net/start
  2. Right click on the application in the Project Explorer pane. Select Send to BUG

    Menu sendtobug.png

  3. The BUG Connections window will open to let you choose the BUG to send to.
    • In this example, we have a choice between the BUG Simulator and a hardware BUG (represented by an IP address).

      Upload application to BUG

  4. Select a BUG and click OK. Go to the My BUGs view in Eclipse to check it out.
    • Click on the Refresh button Refresh.gif in My BUGs if your application does not appear automatically.

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