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The Breakout Module

BUGvonHippel, named after Dr. Eric von Hippel of MIT, expands BUG connectivity with multiple interfaces.



Product Specifications

BUGvonHippel in use with the BUGWifi edition

Hardware Documentation

Software Documentation


All BUG drivers can be found in github. The drivers are in the bug20-2.6.31-omap tree on github.

The BUGvonHippel drivers handle the basic operation of the module including:

OSGi Services

Method documentation for all OSGi services (from BUG and from other users) is available in the Software:Javadocs. The services listed below can be found in the com.buglabs.bug.module.vonHippel.pub package in the latest revision of the BUG javadocs. Each service is an interface with its own methods.

Web Services

When a VonHippel module is attached, the Vonhippel web service becomes available, providing the state of various pins (GPIO, IOX) on the module. Example:

  <Pin number="0">1</Pin>
  <Pin number="1">1</Pin>
  <Pin number="2">1</Pin>
  <Pin number="3">1</Pin>
  <Pin number="0">0</Pin>
  <Pin number="1">0</Pin>
  <Pin number="2">0</Pin>
  <Pin number="3">0</Pin>
  <Pin number="4">1</Pin>
  <Pin number="5">1</Pin>

Interfacing with the vonHippel in C

See Interfacing with BUGvonHippel in C for more information.

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